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Speak Your Language of Success

Have you ever pondered the word "success."? There are so many books on how to gain success, be it through material goods, career, leadership, honors or social status. Success can be reflected through being a parent, career advancement or in having fulfilling and enriching relationships. When you think about it, there really are many different perspectives of success.

Your definition of success is uniquely yours. Avoid getting trapped into the "should's" that society and the media place upon us as this can lead to living with the results of other people's thinking and values. Everyone has their own opinion; don't allow others' opinions to smother your own beliefs, values and most of all, your view of success. Your unique values and beliefs on success are what keep you aligned on your true path, and by following your true path, you will live a more fulfilling life. Below is an exercise I use with clients that helps them reflect on what success means for them.

Take a few minutes to reflect on and answer the following questions regarding success:

  • When in your life have you felt success?

  • Which of your accomplishments stand out the most to you? What were you feeling when you achieved that goal?

  • What has been your most challenging life lesson so far?

Now, take a look at your answers. Do you notice any similar emotions, feelings or thoughts you felt about success during these achievements? What is your language of success? Ask yourself what success means to you.

It is important to keep in mind that you want to focus on the experiences that you want to achieve for yourself—not an idea that someone else might value or a goal that was forced on you. True, authentic success is when you fulfill your goal and your values.

Keep focusing on what energizes and fulfills you. This usually means focusing on your natural gifts and strengths in addition to your goals. Continue to feel empowered to live your life through your own unique language of success.

When we hold ourselves in high regard and focus on who we've become—not only on what we have accomplished—we find true success. Success can also be achieved in knowing that the more you help and inspire others, the more you help and inspire yourself. To your own life, be you. Be true to yourself and see what might happen.

What is your language of success?

Are you seeking to make positive changes in your career, personal goals or wellness? Contact me for life coaching and we can create a plan for your success!

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