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Client Testimonials  


Uber Empowerment Coaching

I’ve learned so much about myself through Nancy’s sessions. She’s a wonderful listener and she helped inspire me to recognize my inner strengths- and how to embrace and improve on my insecurities. I always felt motivated and ready after a session with her. If you need guidance with the challenges life throws at you, Nancy is here for you! I highly recommend her!  ~ 

-Gregory Van, Artist

I needed someone to help me with some issues I was having.... Luckily, I had already met and interacted with Nancy Hovde! She has helped me reflect and work on my personal development as a person and as a professional! It was great to chat with someone who truly has an outside view/perspective vs chatting with family, friends, and coworkers She asked many questions and gave me homework that allowed me to make a tough decision that I was struggling with. ~

Meghan Christensen, PHR, SHRM-CP

Small Business and Healthcare Business Development and Relationships Management at Wells Fargo

If you want to get back on track or get focused direction so you can make lasting change, I highly recommend Nancy.

After one session and two phone conversations, I was able to get my life back on track, figure out my life purpose, re-establish my values and goals, and ultimately point myself back in the right direction. Now I’m starting to create the life that I’ve always wanted. I can’t recommend her enough. ~ Bill Stiber, Account Executive/Design Consultant 


Nancy was instrumental in assisting me while I acclimated to a new job with a difficult boss. She gave me the tools and confidence to not only 'stand my ground', but to also create a partnership with my manager, which turned out to be a rewarding relationship for the both of us. ~ Maria H. Retail Sales Manager, Morrison Healthcare 

Successfully received a promotion: I worked with Nancy prior to having a fairly “big deal” evaluation. She provided amazing feedback and tips to take into my meeting with me. She followed up with a detailed email regarding our meeting and we discussed. She went above and beyond by taking time out of her personal day to send a quick reassurance note full of positivity before my review. She helped me tackle my social anxiety and get a well deserved promotion. I could go on and on, but you should see for yourself! I highly recommend her services! ~ Kellye C., Director of Operations & Human Resources

I have known Nancy for sometime now and always call on her for advice in almost every aspect of my life. She is knowledgeable, motivating and best of all, caring. I highly recommend her for personal or wellness coaching for anybody. ~ Peter Carter, Aviation Firefighter, PTI, Martial Arts Instructor at Airservices Australia 

I have been a spiritual person all my life and having Nancy guide me back to my calling has helped me grow as an individual and create a better community and World for myself. I believe we can change the World and I believe Nancy does. She is my hero! ~ Briana Kidwell, Musician

Nancy is the consummate professional who blends a keen sense of awareness and big-picture consciousness. She will prove a wonderful asset to anyone fortunate enough to work with her.  ~ Kurt Hoffman, Publisher

Nancy has achieved a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. She is a great resource and role-model for any professional. She is both professional as well as approachable. Truly one of a kind. ~ Meg Gomez, strategic Marketing Professional with American Heart Association

Nancy is an intuitive coach who is a terrific listener, a wise counselor, has fantastic follow up and keeps one on track with goals. She is personable and very easy to talk with. I have the utmost respect her as a professional and have gained tremendous value from her coaching sessions. Nancy has found her calling in this profession! She will do more for you than just be a career coach–she helps one understand and balance all facets of life–creativity, spirituality, relationships, emotional and more–and helps one realize how they all interrelate. I just wish I had met her earlier! If you are on the fence with doing coaching, I would be happy to share with you my own experience. I recommend Nancy whole-heartedly–she has helped me make needed changes that I put off thinking that “someday I would get to them…” (And you don’t even need to live in California–I don’t–as the phone and internet are amazing tools.)” ~ Wendy Bathgate, Account Executive at Synergy Flavors  Inc. May 2010

Uber Excellent! If you want to work with someone who will help you be your Uber Best – then Nancy Hovde is the Life Coach for you! As a guest on my radio show, Nancy connected with listeners in an authentic way, providing tangible tools they could easily use. Finding a Holistic balance in mind – body – spirit, will empower you to rise above your problems and keep your feet on the ground of solid success. Nancy will help you start where you’re standing, today. ~ Deb Scott, CPC http://www.greenskyandbluegrass.comAward Winning Author Radio Host: The Best People We Know on BTR” 

Nancy gave me the clarity I needed to move forward with projects I wanted to accomplish in my business. She was great at giving me a sense of inner strength and direction. ~ Brigitte Nadeau, EFT Practitioner

Nancy fully listens to each question, concern, issue name it. She cares about the future of each person. This is apparent with her quality of listening and always appropriately responding. ~ Priscilla P., Fitness Professional, Group Exercise Manager 

Even though I initially didn’t think I would need a life coach, I was very intrigued by Nancy’s process, so I gave it a try. Nancy made me feel very comfortable and at ease during our first session. I have my vision statement up on my wall in my office and am aware of it each and every day. I am so glad to have Nancy in my life now; she is a wonderful listener and has a clear and open mind for constructive feedback. Thank you so much Nancy! ~ Anja Schreiner, Jewelry Designer

Nancy is a Master wellness coach and an absolute expert in health, wellness, nutraceuticals, fitness and everything holistic. She is an amazing listener, empathetic, sincere and works with utmost integrity. She’s a lovely person very professional and the results are extraordinary. I highly recommend Nancy to manage your health, wellness and fitness! Jen V., Homeopath 

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