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Nancy Hovde Bio

For over 15 years, I have been providing private coaching sessions for Business Professionals who value career, work performance, personal growth, wellness and living an optimal lifestyle. I provide lifestyle coaching for those who would like to make a change in life. I am the author of Uber Empowerment and the companion book, Uber Empowerment Quotes: 500 Inspirational Quotes for Knowledge, Insight & Wisdom. My credentials include:


  •  Certified Wellness Coach, CWC

  • Certified Professional Life Coach, CPC, Coaches Institute International

  • Certified Behavior Change Specialist, based on ICF Core Competencies 

  • Certified Weight Management Specialist 

  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • Certified Stress Management for Better Health and Resilience 

  • Certified Personal Trainer through American Council on Exercise/ACE Fitness

  • Certified FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Educator

  • B.A. Degree Interpersonal Communication, Arizona State University

Additionally, my professional background includes experience with consulting and collaborating with healthcare physicians and an emphasis in diabetes prevention, weight management, hormonal balance and combating chronic disease.  

As a Wellness Professional and Life Empowerment Coach I am passionate about empowering you to make long lasting change that will lead to increased productivity, resilience, mental and emotional wellbeing, improved wellness and living a fulfilled, enriching life. Using proven effective methods along with mindfulness coaching, I help to empower and coach clients to live their lives to the fullest potential. I provide, guidance, encouragement, action planning, goal setting and accountability to make long lasting change and create a permanent healthy lifestyle. 

I can help you achieve:

  • Provide guidance and encouragement during life transitions such as with career and life events

  • Develop an empowering mindset that leads to positive habits

  • Stay on track with your wellness goals

  • Live a healthy lifestyle you love and that decreases your risk for disease

  • Create powerful long-lasting behavior change

  • Become more resilient

  • Shift from limited beliefs to unlimited thinking

  • Self-Discovery, Personal Growth

  • Focus on self awareness and how to best use your strengths 

  • Are you starting a new venture or project and need some guidance, encouragement, action planning, goal setting and accountability? 

In what areas of your life do you feel you would like to create positive change? Which of these areas do you feel you would see positive, effective results, if you received some guidance, encouragement, goal setting and accountability? Contact me for success!

My coaching services are virtual via phone, SKYPE, Zoom.

Professional credentials 


  • Certified Wellness Coach, CWC, Catalyst Coaching Institute

  • Certified Professional Coach, CPC, Coaches Institute International

  • Behavior Change Specialist Certification based on the ICF Core Competencies 

  • Certified Weight Management Specialist, ACE/American Council on Exercise 

  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE/American Council on Exercise

  • Certified Personal Trainer, ACE/American Council on Exercise - Accredited NCCA

  • Certified FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Educator 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Arizona State University

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