Self-Discovery & Empowerment Coaching Program

Self-Discovery and Empowerment Coaching Program includes 

Online Coaching Assignments for Exploration, Personal Growth and Self-Discovery. Additionally, one-on-one coaching sessions, approximately 45-60 minutes held twice monthly.

I will provide you with: 

  • Guidance With Self-Discovery Questions & Reflection That Will Help You Gain Clarity and Focus About Your Life. 

  • Elevate Your Personal/Professional Growth to the Next Level.

  • Coaching Support For Clarifying Your True Core Values and Lead a Happier, More Successful Life. 

  • Learn To Let Go of Limited Beliefs and Discover Solutions to Life's Challenges. 

  • Develop Mindset Techniques To Overcome Obstacles and Learn To See Opportunities Instead of Problems. 

  • Assist You in Setting Goals and Accountability by Defining Goals and Developing A Plan To Make Them A Reality. 

  • Expand Your Creativity. 

  • Stress Management - During life transitions, challenges and obstacles, it is important to maintain your Wellness Plan. I coach you on Mindset Techniques along with Motivational Wellness to Keep You on Track with Your Wellness Goals and Maintain Healthy Habits.  

  • A recap email following each Empowerment Coaching Session - these recaps help you reflect and review/refer back to the area of focus discussed and help support clarity and motivation for any challenges, action steps, goals and accountability. 

  • Brief text or emails for check-ins, questions and sharing moments of celebration. 

Invest in Yourself! 

Please contact me to get started! 


Please email me at

Redondo Beach, CA USA 

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