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Create True Changes

True change happens when we spend time and resources on developing our minds & spirits, examining our core values & letting go of issues that may be holding us back from being our best in life.

As a Life Empowerment Coach, I share with clients that we always have the freedom to choose which choices to make each day. We can choose the lifestyle choices that lead to feeling our best, thinking our best, and being our best. Or we can choose those choices that lead to feeling unfulfilled and discouraged.

Is there anything you are doing regularly that does not support your highest good? How could this be tweaked to better support your well-being? While we can only reflect on our actions in the past; we can choose our actions for the present. Here are some action steps you can begin

  • Create a strong reason to remind yourself why you want to make a change. Ask yourself what you want more of in your life. Then ask yourself, what is it you are trying to avoid having in your life? Reminding yourself what you don't want can be a strong motivator in keeping you in alignment with your commitment. Then focus on what you do want to see in your life and how you will feel about having this new change in your life.

  • Visualizing and using positive affirmations can inspire you and keep you motivated especially during any weak moments.

  • Rewarding yourself along the way can inspire you to do more and go that extra mile to achieve the main goal.

You have the freedom to be who you want to be. Keep believing your path is important and keep telling yourself all the reasons why you can succeed!

~ Coach Nancy

Contact me for guidance, support, and accountability.

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