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Play, Create & Dream for the Mind, Body & Soul

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

"Dreamers are Great Visionaries who Create the World they want to live and play in." ~ Nancy Hovde

Summer is here! Are you ready for some Summertime fun, creating and dreaming? The days are longer and how we choose to spend our free time and care for ourself, our health and wellbeing can have positive benefits for the Body, Mind & Soul.

Physical: The Body Needs Relaxation Balanced with Time for Play. A Summer transformation can help you become healthier and whole. You can feel good inside and out!

Consider how much energy you might have if you were to eat lighter. Go for the cooler foods like fresh organic seasonal fruits, vegetables, lean organic protein such as turkey, chicken and fish. Protect your body, inside and out from Summer health challenges/hazards and stressful situations. Drink a lot of Spring water. Sometimes, natural, unsweetened mineral water can be a refreshing beverage on a hot Summer afternoon. Tip: Try to always have healthy snacks with you throughout your day, such as walnuts (they provide both protein and omega-3) or create your own healthy trail mix. This way you are not left without options and can keep going with your day to day schedule - with lots of energy!

Exercises such as toning workouts, walks on the beach, in parks and on the trails will allow you to be outdoors and in nature. I like to combine cardio exercise with strength training to improve and maintain endurance, strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Mixing various movements and routines can help provide your body with total overall results. Include exercises for core/back strength, toning arms and legs and protecting bones. Exercise also helps manage stress! Tip: Try Intervals. Go at a slightly slower pace with your favorite form of cardio (running, walking, biking, swimming, stair climbing) and then include some short 30 second speed bursts, every three minutes (or five, if that is more comfortable for you. Three is more challenging!). You will likely notice that you can maintain your conditioning and end up burning way more calories without having to go high impact or all out your entire workout session. Read more about how to get creative and fun with your Summer Exercise Routine!

Remember to treat and indulge yourself with Wellness Therapy such as Massages, Spa treatments, Vacations and trips! Make time for play. Tip: Here are some ideas for Self-Nurturing and Showering Yourself With Healthy Habits for a healthier and happier YOU!

Mental: The Mind Needs Creativity. Creative reading - such as fun reading, easy reading, travel through time. Too hot outside? Visit a nearby coffee cafe or drive a little out of your usual local neighborhood - a new scenery or environment can do wonders for creativity and the mind. Sip an iced coffee or tea while enjoying a good fiction novel or a suspenseful mystery novel. Travel through time and explore a different culture, climate or venture. Perhaps this will lead you to plan your next vacation! Tip: Try reading a new author or a different topic than you normally would; explore and discover.

Start some creative projects, such as with art, painting or home improvement plans. Did you know that often when our hands are busy with a project that holds our interest, our minds can come up with brilliant solutions, new ideas or simply gain a fresh perspective on a puzzling issue. Tip: Try a new interest or activity that allows your mind to "rest" while focusing on the project at hand.

Depending on your work, studies or summer school, why not take your work outside for part of the day? Considering completing any reading material or studying in nature such as the beach or a park. Maybe you find that the poolside, your balcony or patio surrounded by greenery/flowers offers a feeling of being in nature. An environment such as this, can help mentally as well as possibly sparking some creativity. Tip: Here are a few tips on tapping into your creativity.

Spirit: The Soul needs time to dream. Summertime can be a wonderful time for creating and manifesting. With longer days, there can be more time for work, activities, errands, and .... Dreaming! Perhaps you've read my blog about the benefits of Daydreaming. Summer days provide time for relaxation. Relaxation allows us to enjoy the process of what we are focusing on manifesting and creating. The more we can enjoy the process, the quicker the result our desire will happen. Our Will (feelings) help provide the discipline, focus and strength to reach our goals and manifest our dreams. The soul needs Summer dreaming. Tip: Try spending less time on Social Media or taking a complete break. Notice how much more time you have for those interests, activities and hobbies that help nourish your Soul.

Do you ever find you crave some quiet moments – All to yourself? Maybe it is some time in nature or simply quiet time you seek once a day, once a week or once a month. These moments can be when we experience the stillness in life. Many of us have so much going on in our day to day life, that we are having conversations in our head long after we’ve left the actual situation. It just doesn’t seem to ever stop. It is in the silence, the stillness, when we can feel our soul. Your soul is your inner wisdom. Spending time with your soul is necessary and how you can connect with who you truly are. Tip: Learn more about the wonderful benefits of connecting (or re-connecting) with your Soul.

Summertime can offer the perfect opportunity for unwinding and appreciating all that you've accomplished so far this year. Soaking up a natural mood booster can be a simple soul abundance of pleasure! I often find complete contentment sitting in the sun for just 10 minutes. Tip: There are so many fun and relaxing ways how a ray of sunshine can offer contentment.

I hope you enjoy your Summer and fill it with plenty of play, fun and dreaming. Visits with family, friends and creating new summertime fun, memories and reflecting on past summer’s. Read more here for additional Summertime simple pleasures.

Happy Summer Dreaming!

Would you like to create positive change or discover more about how you can create your optimal life? Contact me for coaching. Enjoy more empowerment Uber Empowerment.

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