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Be of Value and Success Will Follow

“Try first to be a person of value; success will follow.”

~ Albert Einstein

As leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs, one of the best, most authentic methods to gain success in our life or career, is to choose to be of value. Sounds simple, right? Be of value and success follows. When clients come to me who want to see more success in their life, wellness, work or business, I use a holistic approach and suggest three core elements.

First is Optimal Wellness

Optimal wellness is doing everything possible to feel our best physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In order to give our best value to others, we must first choose optimal wellness for ourselves. This includes feeling our best physically, which will then help to support us mentally to think our best and perform at our best, therefore, creating value and success. Think about it, when you don’t feel good physically, you can’t think as clearly or perform at your best. While we may not be able to control everything in our lives, we can control:

  • What we put into our bodies

  • Choose to exercise

  • Select what information we feed our minds

  • Integrate self-care that rejuvenates and replenishes our soul

  • Meditation for mindfulness and stress management

  • Practice good sleep habits

When we incorporate daily body/mind/soul practices, this provides the foundation for optimal wellness and wellbeing that will fully support us to be of value. Success has a greater chance of happening in our life and business!

Second is Living Core Values

I share with my clients that they can see more success in their personal and professional life, when they are aware of their core values and living them, as well as using their strengths as often as possible, which leads to living a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I encourage clients to keep focusing on what energizes and fulfills them. No matter how far we are in our career or in life, there will be situations that come up when it is crucial to ensure our top values are being integrated into our daily life or as often as possible. Take a few minutes to reflect on and answer the following questions regarding success:

  • When in your life have you felt success?

  • Which of your accomplishments stand out the most to you? What were you feeling when you achieved that goal?

  • What has been your most challenging life lesson so far?

Now, take a look at your answers. Do you notice any similar emotions, feelings or thoughts you may have felt about success during these achievements? Ask yourself what success means to you.

Third is Goals & Accountability

Lastly, I have clients set goals and use accountability to help stay on track for successful results. While there are always both short-term and long term goals to be set, there is one simple, daily mini goal that can have the biggest impact on our life. I suggest asking this question each morning: “How can I be of value today?” Listen for guidance, an intuitive nudge or inspired action. Follow that.

While there are numerous methods of holding oneself accountable, it can be very individual with what works for you. Which ever accountability method you use, I encourage clients to include a daily and weekly reflection on how they chose to be of value:

  • What do you need to have present or put in place, today, to support you in keeping your commitment with the answer you received from the question above regarding your daily mini goal?

  • In what ways has committing to the action steps in the past week allowed you to be of value?

  • How has committing to the action steps and accountability allowed you to feel more empowered, valued and successful?

Starting today, reflect on how you can be of value and what success means to you in both your life and business. Are you living a life that is both successful and fulfilling? When we hold ourselves in high regard and focus on who we've become and the value we can offer—not only on what we have accomplished—we find true success.

~ Coach Nancy

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