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Embracing Your Intentions, Positive Changes and Healthy Habits

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

"That Vision you’ve set for yourself, commit to pursuing specific action steps to achieving it and you will get there!" ~ Uber Empowerment Quotes: 500 Inspirational Quotes for Knowledge, Insight & Wisdom by Nancy Hovde

The New Year has arrived and we survived another one of the globally most challenging years in history! Most of us would agree that neither 2020 nor 2021 were one of our most favorite years.

Generally, when we ring in the New Year, we acknowledge and celebrate a New Year with massive excitement because the economy is solid, new companies and businesses are just starting with the anticipation of another successful year. And in many cities, gyms are signing up new members who had the usual action plan for their wellness intentions and fitness goals to start in January and looked forward to seeing results by Spring or Summer. However, as we know, by March in 2020 lockdowns were just underway in many areas around the globe, with things slowly beginning to feel somewhat normal in late 2021. Here we are in 2022. How are you doing with New Year Intentions or goals?

We’ve still got to hang in there as we make more progress over the next several months with overcoming the pandemic. That being said, 2022 will require a different approach to welcoming another New Year.

The new approach I am using with clients is similar to my previous New Year approach, as this has been very successful. However, the difference is, putting a stronger focus on everything that was positive for you in 2020-2021. I know, this can be a more challenging stretch this year, for 2022 as things are still not completely back to normal. So, we have to really dig deep here.

Create a list for everything that you can recall in 2020-2021 that really worked out well for you. This could be with your health/wellness goals, your career or business, any new endeavors, hobbies, activities, new interests, your home environment, relationships and any area of your life you noticed positive change or improvements. Then, reflect on what it was about these things that actually worked? What was it about them that made them so positive or successful? Was it certain action steps you were consistent with? Was it old beliefs, outdated patterns or unhealthy habits you let go of and replaced with more nourishing, positive and inspiring beliefs, habits and new routines? List whatever you feel was truly positive and beneficial for your wellbeing and your success. This transitions into the next step.

Now, it is time for being real honest with what didn’t go well. Of course, it is easy to put at the top of this list, the pandemic. I did this, too, then realized the importance of focusing on other things as well, those things that may have held us back or tripped us up with our goals. As mentioned above, sometimes we trip ourselves up with having such limited beliefs or negative self-talk. What do you need to stop doing? How can you make a positive change or improvement in order to get to where you are now to where you would like to be?

Yes, we can all blame the pandemic for tripping up our goals, intentions, dreams and plans. However, if we truly want to keep moving forward, we’ve got to accept where we are and begin to work within smaller steps, if needed, for some of us.

Typically, many of us will sit down at our desk with a laptop or pen and paper to reflect on setting new intentions. If it works for you, then I encourage you to continue. However, in speaking for myself and a number of clients, getting outdoors, in nature, to reflect can work very effectively as well. In any case, take some time to reflect on the above tips. Allow this insight you’ve reflected on to create those positive changes, healthy habits and new intentions for the New Year. This year, try to have simple but clear goals. Having an action plan is what helps for success.

If you would like support and encouragement with your new intentions, positive changes and healthy habits, please contact me. I am currently providing the following Life Coach Packages:

  • Life Coaching for Business, Career & Life Purpose

  • Life Coaching for Wellness Motivation

  • Life Coaching for Personal Growth

  • EmPOWERment Coaching - All inclusive, holistic approach for Business/Career & Life Purpose, Wellness Motivation, Personal Growth.

Happy New Year!

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