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Turn Frustration Into Faith

On days when life gets rough, use these tips to overcome frustration and move back on track.

It is easy to get frustrated when you have a day filled with things that are not going right. Yesterday, my air condition stopped working in my car. Today, my laptop decided to take a rest or have a sick day and now refuses to boot up. A document I wrote didn’t get saved, and I had to retype it. Perhaps for you, you find yourself getting frustrated when you are stuck on the freeway.

I decided to take a break from the chaos and spend some time in nature. I took a walk on The Esplanade. Smelling the ocean, feeling the sun on my skin and moving my body seemed to have a fast effect, shifting my perspective—or maybe in this case, my attitude—to a more positive place. I realized I had a choice: I could continue my day feeling overwhelmed with frustrations, or I could allow the frustrations to strengthen my faith that all would be well.

I’m not saying this was easy, but it certainly felt more empowering. Frustration happens when we feel we need something, and we can’t seem to find a way to fulfill that need. We want things to go smoothly; when things don’t, we become discouraged and frustrated.

Here are some tips to help turn your frustrations into faith and empower you during life’s challenges:

  • Try using fresh optimism, which can help revitalize your energy. This is the type of fantastic energy that gets you motivated, makes you focus forward and reminds you about the limitless potential and possibilities that lie within you. You can gain fresh optimism on your own or by talking to a variety of positive people in your life—be it a mentor, sibling or friend.

  • Recognize if your frustration is coming from a place of fear. Realize you always have a choice. You are empowered to accept, reject or redirect whatever comes your way.

  • You can feel calmer and more peaceful when you recognize that you are feeling frustrated because something isn’t moving as fast as you would like. Know that everything happens for a reason and in the right time.

  • When you find yourself in a situation or with a challenge that just seems too big for you to climb, know that you have support. Reach out to positive people in your life and share your concern. How many times have you been there for someone who felt they were not going to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but your encouragement helped your friend to go above and beyond?

  • Take a break. Take time out. I did. Take a walk. Get out in nature. Be by yourself. This will help clear your head and put things into perspective. Shake off the frustrations by going for a run, walk or any other type of physical movement.

  • A coffee break with a friend can help, too. Talk it out and hear a fresh perspective. This can shed some light on a new approach for you to try or help you view things from a different perspective.

  • Write down your frustrations in your journal. Writing out your disappointments, challenges and frustrations allows you to express your true feelings and emotions in a healthy way. Writing about the circumstances you are dealing with also allows you to look outside yourself and gain a fresh view and possibly create a new solution.

  • Whatever the frustration you are dealing with, give up the victim mentality. It is easy to want to throw in the towel and quit. Don’t. Frustration often occurs because things seem too difficult for us to handle. Perhaps it is because we feel we don’t have the skills, knowledge, or techniques necessary to have what we want. This can be the perfect opportunity to view what frustration can provide: new opportunities to grow and to gain self-empowerment. Remember that life happens to everyone; others have gone through similar situations; and somehow you will get through this, too.

  • Tap into your creative side. Tinker or dabble with some of your projects such as painting, home improvement projects, gardening, cleaning or listening to music. Focusing on something creative will help you feel better almost instantly and will allow you to reconnect with your core self.

  • Change your mindset. Believe that you can handle all your frustrations with empowerment and in a positive way. Imagine yourself achieving your desired outcome. Picture yourself handling the situation with calm and ease. You might not know all the steps of exactly how you will solve the situation, but don’t let that stop you. You can still take the time to visualize and feel yourself being successful.

A positive mindset will inspire you to keep moving forward with empowerment and faith. You can keep moving forward with empowerment in my book Uber Empowerment.

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