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Act With Courage

Can you recall when you did something you felt was very courageous? Or, perhaps there is something courageous that you need to do? When someone has shown courage, this reflects a very admirable trait that tends to earn respect. Courage is often seen as a valued quality in business or when someone has pulled through extreme struggle. Some experiences and situations that call for courage:

  • To be authentic. Authenticity requires courage to be who you are. 

  • Having a big, lofty dream or feeling a nagging pull toward trying something new. Courage is needed to follow your heart and dreams, even when feeling doubt or fear, and choose to take the first step toward your new endeavor. Just because you decide to take a risk or try something new, doesn’t mean you have to go full force. Take one step at a time, wait and see the results and then take the second step. Cautiously keep going until you reach your desired result.

  • Persistence, persevering through obstacles and challenges. When striving for a new goal, one of the most challenging obstacles may be bearing the difficulties calmly without complaining. Limit the assumptions and allow perseverance to inspire you to achieve the results you want. 

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone. Courage is definitely needed if you want to try something new or experience unlimited opportunities in life. Sometimes we are averse to trying something new because we think we will fail – but failure can teach valuable lessons. 

  • The courage to say “no”. Perhaps you feel you have all you can handle with projects, activities, and responsibilities. When someone makes a request for your time and energy, having the courage to say “no” can do wonders for your well-being, health, and peace of mind. 

Focusing on using courage during a time of uncertainty requires a state of mind. We can use courage during both major situations and when facing more minor issues. It is important to develop courage because this helps empower us to face problems head-on. We develop experience even if we don’t always get it right or things did not turn out perfectly, we can use the situation as a learning experience in what we gained from it, the new skills we acquired, appreciate the wisdom and knowledge, and use all of this information as preparation for any future challenges or uncertainty that comes our way.

We can develop courage when we are aware of any fear or doubt that tries to creep in. Experiencing some fear is inevitable. Recognize it for what it is. Allow it to inspire and motivate your willingness to be courageous. Take a look at what the consequences would be if you didn't dare to take action and allowed yourself to stay stuck in fear. The consequences of not meeting your dream can help inspire you to find the courage and take the next required step. In order to build courage, it is crucial to have the right mindset and imagine positive results. Think of an experience or situation when you felt fear, yet took appropriate action anyway and succeeded. 

Lastly, have self-compassion for your fears and any negative beliefs that tend to creep in. Acknowledge you are aware and have the willingness to shift your perspective toward positive steps that help get you closer to your goal.

Have you been thinking about making a change? Contact me for coaching and let's get started!

Act With Courage,

~ Coach Nancy

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