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Mindset Adapters to Your Rescue

You want to make changes in your life. Maybe you’ve even set some new goals for yourself. You even have set some daily action steps and yet - ? No results. Zero. Day after day. You are becoming discouraged and frustrated. Maybe you are feeling stuck or lack motivation or scared? These are all normal feelings that can occur whenever we’ve decided to make a change in our life. I share with clients that change CAN be scary. We like being in our comfort zone. The right mindset is important. The right mindset for not only just wanting to make changes in your life but also for being able to sustain life’s challenges during your journey and having an effective plan of action.

From my book, Uber Empowerment, here are some Mindset Adapters that can help you focus and achieve your goals:

  • Change any excuses that come up into a Strong Why. Create a strong enough reason, a strong why you want to achieve your goal. For example, you’ve decided to start your own business. Each day, you wake up and you have yet another reason that distracts you from working on your business plan. You know what you need to be doing, you’ve even written down your steps for each day. This is the time to remind yourself why you want your goal. Focus on your core values and this will most likely influence and match your strong why.

  • Replace Self-Discipline to Self-Love. Yes, it does require determination to reach a goal. But when you look at Self-Discipline in a new light of Self-Love, it can become your true motivator. For example, Self-Love such as reminding yourself you are worth reaching your goal and deserve to be successful with owning your own business. And so to focus on your business plan is actually committing to yourself, you deserve success - this is an action of Self-Love and can be used instead of Self-Discipline. When all of your energies are going in the right direction, great things can happen!

  • Replace any negative words and phrases with positive words and phrases. For example, stop telling yourself “I’ll never finish this project in time”. That is a real downer! Focus instead on “I have worked on challenging projects before and I know I can complete this project, on time, one step at a time”. This will help calm you, regain your focus on the task at hand. You will feel more confident, too.

  • Do you have a favorite type of music you turn to when you need inspiration? You could choose the right type of music to listen to while you work and it may help you refocus and boost your mood. Believe and act as if what you want to happen has already happened.

  • Replace Doubt and Fear with Trust and Believe. For example, remember back to a time when you made a big decision and you were successful with it. Remember how you felt and draw on that positive feeling, the positive thoughts that helped you achieve that goal at the time. Recall how you just kept focus on your goal because even though you did not know the exact outcome, you just had a “knowing” and kept trusting that all would be well because you kept believing in yourself.

  • Instead of focusing on all the details, focus on how you want to FEEL when you’ve reached your goal and keep believing in yourself. Your heart reveals your authentic true self and the signs show themselves in strong, powerful ways. Trust and believe in yourself and the universe that the right opportunity will be there at the right time. To force is to doubt yourself, never force, have patience, trust and always believe in yourself.

Be open, release the need to control and trust your wisdom for your true plan to unfold. Remember that YOU are empowered and hold the power within to move mountains. So, by all means, keep going for that goal you’ve set for yourself, make the change you’ve decided you want to create; go for what you want. Feel empowered to take a risk! And remember to believe it and you will see it in your life.

The unknown requires your faith and trust and most of all believing in yourself. We can feel most empowered when we surround ourselves with those we connect well with, we tend to be like those we are most around and our environment/ community can often be stronger than we are. You can feel empowered to release old ways of thinking, old patterns that are no longer working in your life and make room for all the new opportunities that await you. Be open, release the need to control trust, your wisdom and your true plan to unfold.

True change happens when we spend time and resources developing our minds and spirits, examining our core values and letting go of issues that may be holding us back from being our best in life. You have your own incomparable achievements and you are Uber Empowered.

You can give yourself permission to be and do what you want, keep believing your path is important and keep telling yourself all the reasons why you CAN succeed. Expect only the best to happen. Believe and you’ve just achieved it. Throughout your day, empower yourself by believing in yourself and your abilities. What you believe you will manifest.

Believe in yourself, believe in others, believe in the extraordinary, believe in the impossible. Success is yours. Honor your vision, have courage and keep believing in yourself. Allow your authentic beliefs to create wonderful things for you. Know you ARE of value, never underestimate your knowledge, skills and wisdom to share with others.

If you would like one on one coaching to create positive change in your life, please reach out to me. Find more inspiration in my Empowerment Books.

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