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Accountability is Empowering

 Arranging for success is creating a solution and empowering yourself through accountability.

Do you find yourself excited to start something, get half way through or even nearly complete something only to find yourself not finishing what you started? Many times the reason for not completing something before we finish is, we feel bored or something isn’t as convenient anymore. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed we feel like quitting.

Developing a strong solution focused approach is key. Using a solid framework for the process that offers support and motivation for your purpose and desired outcome as well as holding yourself accountable to your commitments, goals and action plan can help you effectively complete a project or goal.

As a Life Empowerment Coach, I explain to clients that accountability can be empowering. One can choose a new project to begin and develop the knowledge, experience and even the skill, but it is the willingness with an action plan and accountability that determines if one truly succeeds with their intentions, goals and dreams. I truly believe that we can finish the project or reach a goal when we have the focus, plan of action steps and hold ourselves accountable while working towards completion.

What is accountability? Accountability is a traditional, old fashioned method that says you are answerable for your actions. It is the responsibility of your actions and decisions including the implementation within the scope of your role or job description (from a career stand point), it is the obligation to report, explaining and be answerable for resulting consequences.

Now, let’s take a look at what is considered unaccountable. A unaccountable person is someone you can easily recognize because they use blaming others, excuses, procrastinate, act confused or ignorant when confronted about why something did not get done, they do the bare minimum required. They will use phrases and words such as “How should I know, it is not MY job”. Or “I was never told I had to”. And “I did not know”. Unaccountable people are slow to act.

Sometimes, you may have the best of intentions yet still do not do what needs to be done, to get to where you want to be. This may be because you procrastinated, took fewer action steps. When you have either someone to hold you accountable for your goals or you choose to use a method of progress to hold yourself accountable in achieving your intentions you will find that the benefits are:

  • More clarity, focused

  • Less Procrastination

  • Fewer Stops

  • Achievement of results you only dreamed could be possible

  • More balanced and fulfilling life

  • More satisfying relationships

Being accountable is one of the fastest ways to earn respect, trust and feel empowered in your life. When you choose to respond to a method of accountability this gives you control of your life and the power to change things in your life.

Here are some general questions you can use to check in weekly with yourself and see your progress or have a friend or coach hold you accountable for your goals and ask you these questions weekly:

  • What is one action step you are doing with your goal that is working?

  • What makes this action step work so well for you?

  • What would your goal be like if it was perfect?

  • What is missing, which if it were present, would make your goal be perfect?

  • What action steps can you take to put in what’s missing and have your perfect goal manifest in your life?Will you commit to doing that?

  • What in the past has gotten in the way or has stopped you from keeping your commitment?

  • What do you need to have present or put in place, today, to support you in keeping your commitment?

  • In what ways has committing to the action steps in the past week made you more valuable?How have committing to the action steps and accountability method allowed you to feel more empowered?

The above action and accountability questions will help support you in reaching your goals. You may find that all of the questions or just a few of the questions best support you. Choose those questions that resonate with you, that inspire you and motivate you to hold yourself accountable in reaching your goals. Remember, you can always hire a lifestyle coach to hold you accountable until you feel you have developed a positive habit of action and accountability. Contact me for success!

That vision you’ve set for yourself, commit to pursuing specific steps and you will achieve. You will get there! 

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