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Taking Action on Decisions Moves You Forward

We all have to make major and minor decisions. The process is not always easy, depending on what the situation is. When you have a simple option, such as selecting a Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, both conveniently located within the same shopping plaza, you have a choice. This choice may be refreshingly easy.

Perhaps you can relate to those kinds of weeks when you seem to have to make decisions that are more nerve-racking, perplexing and unpleasant. For those more difficult decisions to be made, I have always felt it is best to allow some time. Trying to make major decisions when our brains are tired – if we had a long day at work, when we are hurt, depressed, angry or frightened is not the ideal time. It is best to make decisions when we are calm and thoughtful so we can have well focused thinking that allows us to make choices for the right reasons.

When there is just too much going on it can be counter-productive to make a decision. Going on vacation or giving yourself a free weekend to relax, gives your mind a rest from focusing so intently on the issue while allowing the options to play around in your head.

But all decisions to be made, get to a point where it is time to make a transition from thinking about options to actually following through on the choice we've made. Once a decision is made it is time for action. We can have a list of choices to choose from but not taking action on any of them is like preparing to live without really living. For some of us, listing all of our options is the easy part. The tricky part can be moving to action once a final decision has been made; it is often the hardest part and we can even feel “stuck”

Here are some tips to go from thinking to doing:

  • Knowing who you most want to be in the world, your purpose, helps us to make more effective choices now and in the future. This allows us to keep moving forward and resist feeling stuck.

  • Recognizing what your top three to five core values are helps to make choices easier. When we know what our top core values are and we are living these values in our life every day or as often as possible, we are usually feeling fulfilled. Naturally, we would want to make decisions that continue to allow us to live our top values and take action on them.

  • Integrate your observations, experience and knowledge and put what is right and true into action. Often our minds automatically will think “Will I be able to do that?” or “ What is this good for?” These types of questions can frequently hinder our efforts from moving forward with our decision. A more motivational approach to move into action might be to do a quick check-in to keep you on track. Notice what thoughts cause a feeling of lightness in your body. This often indicates the right choice. Notice what feelings cause tightness in your body. Your body could be communicating that this may be the wrong choice. Feelings that feel light such as a spring in your step, a lightness, moving gracefully with your head held high. Feelings in your body indicating a possible wrong choice are when we feel cramped, actually feeling down, shoulders hunched forward, as if a weight was dragging us down.

  • Be aware if you are just procrastinating and why. Life is synonymous with growth. We need to weed out our limitations and grow with new strengths. To refuse to take action suffocates us. Think of the flower that has outgrown its container. In order for it to bloom fully it needs to be replanted in a larger pot.

  • Get moving. Yes, move your body. When your body is moving it can think better, make faster decisions and begin to take action. Especially, when you are feeling stuck. Can you recall yourself saying at one time or another that you just need to “Shake it off?” or “I need to step back from this for now?” When we can understand that these are expressions of how we want to distance ourselves from the issue, this can help us remember that when our body is moving, we think differently. We tend to think better and with more clarity. Our thoughts become “energized” as our body begins to move toward the decision we made.

What are some effective methods you've used to take action on a decision you've made?

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