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Inspire Others Through Gratitude

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

I found several holiday cards at a local card shop the other day that not only offer warm holiday wishes—they also deeply express my gratitude for a few important people in my life.

The holidays offer the perfect time to tell someone how much you appreciate him or her. We often show our appreciation for others through cards or gifts. Nevertheless, holidays do not have to be the only time we show our appreciation with others. Look for opportunities to acknowledge others each day.

Think of all the people in your life who help enhance your world. Perhaps we are grateful for those whom we work with that have helped build a strong, supportive team. We appreciate our kids for helping out with household tasks when we are feeling under the weather. Sometimes we’ll have a friend who we haven’t heard from in months call us up to tell us how much she appreciates having us in her life. If the call comes on a day when we’re struggling, often our day suddenly gets much better.

What about that person in our lives who consistently goes above and beyond? Showing our appreciation lets them know we are not taking them for granted. Then there are those who make your life easier and more enjoyable by regularly doing simple little actions.

Acknowledging others is always a win-win. We should let them know why we appreciate them. It doesn't have to be a long list—sometimes all we need is one specific reason we truly appreciate having someone in our lives—as long as the list is genuine. It can go a long way in sharing good feelings.

Here are some simple, sincere ways to show your appreciation:

  • When someone has done an outstanding job, passed a test or received a reward you know they worked hard for, acknowledge them with words of praise. “You rocked!” or “You were awesome!” are motivating phrases and chances are, the recipient will continue to strive at performing their absolute best in the future.

  • We all know when we are really being heard—we feel it in our hearts. Don't just hear someone—focus on really listening deeply with your ears and your heart. You can do this by placing all your attention on this person and listening to their words, feelings and sometimes what is not being said.

  • When you are showing someone how to master a new task or activity, provide encouragement and tell them when they did something right or when they are showing progress. Your reassurance will add spark to their motivational fire and give them added hope and inspiration.

  • We all get crazy busy at times, so during the extra busy times, remember it is the little things that make a big difference. Show someone you care how he did on his test or how her day was by sending a simple text message or brief email consisting of “How was your day?” or “I was thinking of you today”. It’s a small action that can lift someone's spirits in a big way.

  • Remember to acknowledge yourself when you've done a good job. Give yourself a pat on the back for your progress and all you've accomplished. Just as it is important to acknowledge and appreciate others, so is recognizing your own achievements.

Our relationships with others enrich our lives. When we take the time to share our appreciation for others, we can inspire the recipient to believe in himself or herself.

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