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Inner Reflection Allows Love & Peace

Most of us want to enjoy living a balanced, happy life that allows for that peacefulness inside us to transcend and emanate through us.

Life can be amazing when we choose to work on and change our relationship with ourselves; often the relationships around us change in the most positive way. The key to love, peace, happiness and success is in our relationships. We can't really have a good relationship with anyone unless we first have one with ourselves. When you are deeply connected to yourself, you can deeply connect with those important people in your life. This can benefit in personal and business relationships.

Sometimes there are things in our lives that need to be released in order to create more peace and love within us and in our lives. Going a little deeper, what areas can you think of that need to be cleared of old negative energy or “clutter”? Consider issues such as toxic relationships that drain you, cause you to have low self-esteem or don't seem to hold your highest good in sight. Any lingering negative emotions that are tied to negative past experiences such as feelings of hate, anger or jealousy these all need to be released, let go of and made peace with, in order to allow room for your true and authentic self.

Letting go of negative emotions and negative situations can be done by first, reflecting on what the lesson or gift is in the situation that was meant just for you, to learn from as part of your journey. It can help to remember that no choice you make in life is ever “wrong” but that you can reflect on what was right about the choices you made, hence, often is the lesson or gift that is needed to be revealed and embraced. Have gratitude for the lesson, forgive and release to create peace in your heart, mind and soul.

Become aware of any relationships, situations and lingering emotions that have been a negative experience for you in the past as well as recent. Write these down. All of them, as many as you can recall. Once you have written all of the negative experiences down that you feel you have not made peace with, ask yourself if you can accept that this is true and is still a reality in your life, even though you thought you had buried these lingering emotions, thoughts, feelings, you are aware of the fact that there is still not a peaceful feeling inside you.

If you can accept what is currently real and you really would like to make an improvement in this area of your life, consider if you are willing to. If you answered yes, create a strong enough desire, a strong “why”:

  • What would the benefit be in your life if you were to find the lesson in these past experiences, give gratitude for the lesson, let the lingering negative emotions go and embrace the new experiences that can flow into your life?

  • How might this improvement impact other areas of your life?

  • How will you feel, if you choose to make this improvement? Write all this down.

Once you've created that strong enough desire within you to really want to let go of the lingering negative emotions tied to past experiences, ask yourself if you are disciplined enough to recall upon these lessons you've learned when you encounter similar future situations. These future situations that may appear to show up repeatedly in your life, may seem like similar experiences and are often “tests” presented to us. Anytime, we've chosen to let go of previous negative emotions and experiences, life will still present us with more opportunities as “tests”. This is a gift to you that can allow you to stand in your power, recall the past experience and choose to respond instead of react in a new positive way. If you find you are disciplined to embrace a new way of responding to life's challenges, you are ready to commit and arrange for success that will help armor you against your old ways of reacting.

Create an action plan for each of the items you have listed as past negative experiences. Perhaps you need to fully put yourself back into that past situation and replay how you would have liked to respond. You may find, you first need to replay the situation as it happened. Pick up on the feelings, emotions that took place within you. Now, reflect on what this life challenge was trying to show you. What was the lesson to be learned from this? Find the lesson and release the lingering negative thoughts, feelings. Recall the benefits you will experience in your life by letting go of these lingering emotions. Does the cost of holding onto these emotions outweigh the benefit? By hanging onto these emotions will you continue to experience your energy being drained from you?

Once we let go of old, past experiences of hurt and pain who knows what new experiences are waiting to be discovered? Imagine what secret wisdom can begin to flow through you. Amazing breakthroughs can come through when we choose to make major adjustments in our beliefs. Letting go of old pent up emotions allows you to feel more peaceful and loving from within which can improve your energy levels holistically – mind, body and soul. When we are feeling more peaceful and loving from within, we tend to deal with life's challenges in a more positive way.

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