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Answer Anxiety by Addressing Fear

Anxiety is a part of life, and stress can attack us for a variety of reasons. Anxiety often invades our lives when we commit to a new goal. We become fearful of achieving this goal or stressed looking ahead at the path that leads to what we want.

As a life coach, I  often suggest clients, use a holistic approach to challenges we face in this world. For anxiety, I recommend a change in attitude. Even a slight change of attitude can make all the difference, especially to start. Let me share with you some suggestions to help make that mental shift in order to minimize anxiety in our lives. Once we minimize anxieties, we often find ourselves closer to the goals we seek.

First, I recommend creating a strong enough reason you want to achieve your goal. Maybe you need to remind yourself why you want what you want. It’s easy to forget under stress. Tape a note to the border around your computer screen if you have to.

Replace self discipline with self love. Achieving a goal certainly requires determination. And when we believe we are worthy of reaching our goals, those goals are often closer to realization than we originally thought. Self-love can be your strongest motivator.

Replace any negative words with positive words. I know some people will scoff at this advice, saying it’s all new-age silliness. It’s not. It’s real. It works. Carry a small notebook with you throughout the day and each time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought or using a negative word, write it down and replace it with a positive word. The added benefit of doing this is you will see your progress of moving away from negative thought patterns toward more positive ones. Here is an example:

Stop telling yourself “I’ll never finish this project in time.” Focus instead on, “I have worked on challenging projects before. I know I can complete this project on time. I just must take it one step at a time.” The importance of being compassionate with ourselves cannot be overstated. We tend to calm down, regain our focus and feel more confident.

Ultimately, we are replacing our doubt and fear with trust and belief. It’s not something that happens magically one morning as we’re waking up. Truly embodying self trust and belief comes about with a commitment to our goals and daily dedication to positive thoughts and self love.

Are you considering making a change? Contact me for coaching, guidance and accountability!

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